Monthly Archives: December 2013

The other day when my son asked me about which is the best shampoo for oily hair according to me, my husband was surprised. He was surprised because he had never even thought of his hair type in the forty years that he has lived so far and here was his boy asking this wonderful question. I am not surprised at all with his behavior. The times have changed now and the males are equally conscious of how they look and how to take care of them as are the women in their lives. Some might call it a metrosexual lifestyle, but I think there is something in between the metrosexual and the rugged when it comes to men.

My son is not all about grooming himself physically all the time but he does pay a tad bit more attention to his outward look than his dad. He is more aware and makes conscious choices on a small scale that make a lot of difference to how he presents himself to his peer group and to the society in general. This has become a norm nowadays and I personally am all for it. A healthy and positive attitude fueled by looking great at all times is much needed.