Monthly Archives: November 2013

Magnets are usually a favorite of all the boy students in my class at the junior most classes. The day of introduction of a magnet to them when I narrate and show them all the properties of a magnet is the one which they remember year after year. The experience does not vary much with every batch and I see the boys carrying around magnet and checking its properties most practically in the playground or else where ay home once they have learned how it works. I observed the fascination and somehow I registered it in my mind at some level.

All this observation stored in the form of memory came back to me when I was designing my toddler boy’s room. I could envisage him having a great time with magnets once he grew up a bit. This seemed like a perfect time to plan for a gift in future. I decided to use magnetic paint in his room so that he could grown up and discover the fabulous gift of a magnetic wall in his room. I could see his eyes open in amazement and wonder as he discovered that he had had it for years but discovered it just now.

If you are anything like me then you will understand what a challenge feels like. I like to challenge myself almost in every aspect of my life and believe me when it comes to eating or food, tying new stuff is hardly a challenge although it is thought to be. The real challenge is eating right when you have limited options. All my life, I have been inspired by the sheer determination of people who have opted for a vegan lifestyle. It is one of the most difficult decisions that you can make in a lifetime, especially if you plan on sticking to it.

There are many known celebrity figures too who claim to be vegans. I have been inspired but also felt a little perplexed whenever I sat down to think about what exactly they ate. There are so many no-no substances that you can say yes to a few things to eat. Checking every dish for exclusion of no dairy products at all is a very hard task after all. I have recently undertaken this challenge to be vegan for at least as long as I can be. The only relief that I have discovered so far is quinoa salad. It is hands down the winner among all the options that I have as a vegan.