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An eastern saying suggests breaking a fever by starving it. But this is not always the healthiest way of doing it as it might leave the body very weak and requiring a couple of days to recover the lost strength. A fever, whether in an infant, child or an adult is easy to detect as the body temperature rises and the body feels hot. The feeling of feverishness leaves most of the people feeling tired or lacking physical strength.

This is due to the fact that fever is a way of your body demanding rest. With the introduction of newer and more powerful bacteria and viruses in our environment, a fever has become as common as a cold and cough. A recurring fever is also a sign of weak immune system in an individual. It has become crucial to be aware of tips and tricks about how to break a fever.

It is important to regulate the body temperature of the individual in order to stop it from rising any further. Along with medication, a painless and effective remedy is to apply cold compresses directly on forehead or on the feet of the person running a fever. This is very effective even for children.