When does morning sickness start?

During pregnancy, the female body goes through a major hormonal change and with sensitive women, morning sickness if often the first indication of this change. This is hardly a cause to get alarmed, still many women hate it as they are not informed about it and suddenly find themselves struggling with uncontrollable nausea, headaches or sleepiness due to no apparent reason. There is no one answer to the question when does morning sickness start; from as early as in the second week of pregnancy to as late as sixth or eighth week. The answer really depends on how sensitive a woman’s body is. But rest assured, sooner or later this is a part of being pregnant that you will have to go through.

Rather than being scared, it is always better to be prepared. Firstly, observe the changes in your body as the morning sickness might be very mild at the start and can be easily tackled with ginger from your kitchen or Vitamin B6 recommended by your doctor. The detailed symptoms are often slightly different for every woman so note down your story and treat it accordingly. There are many off the counter medicines available but look for the one that helps you with the help of a medical expert that you trust.