Pain in left side

I have seen so many cases when a person’s health goes downhill and they are completely ignorant towards it. Now this happens not because they are deliberately doing it but because they simply are already so preoccupied to actually pay attention to such things. The values nowadays have changed and health has gone down the priority list with money coming up towards the top. We are losing our health while chasing money but does this have to be a trade off? Well, the ones who have it all figured out and are leading balanced lives beg to differ and claim that in this regard, you can very much have it all.

There might be many of us, like me, who want to do something but often find themselves needing a push or just a helping hand from someone who can not only just motivate but also has some pragmatic knowledge and preferably some experience. The worst experiences that I have had to hear from some loved ones are when not paying attention to their health landed them in fatal situations. One of my uncles ignored pain in left side of his body for several days and ended up on a hospital bed because of his carelessness.