Family portrait ideas

We are a fun sized as well as fun loving family. With my hubby and two kids, we love having fun as a family every moment that we can get. Both I and my hubby are complete extroverts and since we met as college students. In fact we met during multiple outdoor competitions. I believe we have passed on the fun genes to our kids too since both of them excel not just in academics but are also good at all the extra-curricular activities that they participate in at school. Now the fun during the holiday season just doubles.
Every year my family gets all dressed up for Halloween.

It is in fact the favourite holiday of all of us. We like getting creative with our choices of costumes and often end up clicking a lot of photographs. This gave an excellent idea to start putting together family portrait ideas that we can all use down the years. Not only will this create a memory lane for us but as a collection, it can prove helpful to all our family and friends. If done in an orderly manner, we can also make good use of this collection year after year so that the family time never gets boring.