Cantilever umbrella

A cantilever may refer to a beam that can support a structure at one end. Cantilever patio umbrella means an umbrella that is supported by a freestanding pole which can be used for shading roofless outside space. A usual cantilever patio umbrella consists of a pole that has a strong base but is slightly curved at the top, which is attached to the top of an umbrella center. These umbrellas are stylish and can easily shade a number of chairs along with a table.

The cantilever patio umbrella is available in different shapes and sizes. The umbrella section includes a number of variations like round, hexagonal, square and octagonal shapes. It is imperative that the base of the cantilever umbrella should be stable so that it can handle windy weather and not fall over. The umbrellas are available in different colors, patterns and designs. The material of the fabrics used to make these umbrellas are usually polyester or linen. The price of the cantilever patio umbrella may vary also and depends upon the material, size and quality of the end product.

It is elegant, durable and easy to assemble. Most of the umbrellas can rotate easily and include air vent also. It is recommended that you choose the cantilever patio umbrella that best suit your needs as different styles are available in the market that are decorative but may not serve your purpose.